If you are renting a home from us you need to be aware that you should actively take all measurements to keep bug intrusions low. 
South Florida and it's humid gardens are a paradise for roaches. If they can find food in your home, we will come, stay and become larger in numbers. 

Number one importance is to avoid giving them food sources.  That means, the dishes need to be done right after means, the kitchen trash can need to have a sealing lid, all dry food in cabinets needs to be in sealed containers and floors and countertops should be daily wiped to avoid micro bread crumbs finding its way into the corners. 

If you have a pet, then it is important that the pet food back is always inside a lid-sealed container and that your pet food bowl is always washed out and the floor around it mopped, after every pet meal. 

Number two importance is, that even with all these precautions above, you should apply a Roach gel in as many hidden as possible, every couple days. That can be on the rear ends of kitchen drawers, under the fridge, in gaps like between range and cabinets, or in cabinets under the sink. Same in bathrooms, laundry room  or in corners of closets that are not accessible by your own pet. 
Even if you have a spotless household, Roaches will more or less frequent entering the home and going to search for food. You want them to find only the Roach gel, which kills them. When you find a dead or dying Roach in your home, then you know your Roach gel is doing its job right. 
Be aware that Roaches live in larger numbers in gardens, under rocks, tree barks, tops in palm trunks and many other places. Soon as heavy Summer rains set their natural habitat under water those Roached are looking for a dry home. In emergency situations they are even able to fly a bit. After each large thunder storm you can expect to find some of these rescue searching roaches, especial more often if you are in a ground floor unit, which most units are. 
Hence it is important that you apply the Roach gel even more regularly in those times, to kill intruders within a day or so. 

If you feel that you can't or will not make the time for all those precautions then you are certainly free to subscribe and pay a pest control service. They might additionally spray pesticides or other chemicals. Many of their chemicals are banned in Europe for some reasons. We are no experts in giving an advice on chemical exposure risks or side effects, but personally, we would not want to experience with that.  We will leave that decision up to you. 

That said, you know what you are getting into with a home in South Florida. 

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