First, make sure that the white Wifi Antenna is plugged in to power. The white Antenna is a box with a line of LEDs in its back. The LED's need to be ON, at least one of the green LED's. 
Next, this Antenna needs to face the flat side either South or West for best reception. 
From the power supply of this Antenna needs to go one internet cable to the black Router, into Port 1 of that black router. 
The black router also needs to have his own power supply plugged in. The Routers LED's need to be ON, or flickering on. 
Using an iPhone, connect to the Wifi Network called 'Beach" and use the password 'fortmyers' all small letters and please watch the spelling, some like to spell myers as meyers, which is wrong. 
Next, you are already online, OR an Xfinity screen opens up. IF the Xfinity screen opened up, then you need to choose to login with the user name: 
User: johnmorris16440
Password: FortMyers16440
Please pay close attention to some letter are capitalized in the password. 
After you are logged into the Xfinity account, you can discard the next screen, just closing it. No need to install any apps etc. 
IF your phone is not online with the "Beach" Wifi network and you did not get the Xfinity login screen, then you need to click in your iPhone under SETTINGS - WIFI - and next to the Network "Beach" the little (i) (letter i in a circle) and click next "FORGET THIS NETWORK". 
Next you turn of the iPhone Wifi OFF, and back on, and now you reconnect to the Wifi Network "Beach" with password "fortmyers" and this time should the next screen on your iPhone the Xfinity Log-in screen. Please login with the blue xfinity credentials given above. 
One you are ONE time logged in and online with the iPhone on the Beach Wifi Network, automatically all other devices like TV's will be also online with the Beach Wifi network. 
If you want (or need) to bypass the "Beach" WiFi network completely then you can log onto the Xfinity Wifi directly by choosing in your iPhone 'Xfinity" as Wifi network and next entering the Xfinity credentials given above. 
The Roku TV's can also connect directly to "Xfinity" wifi, but require an extra step. When you go to the Roku TV to Settings and Network, and choose Xfinity, when it will tell you that Roku creates a temporary WiFi network for you, which you need to connect your iPhone to, via iPhone SETTINGS / WIFI and connect to the Roku network, the one that the TV is broadcasting now. Once connected,  on the iPhone opens an Xfinity screen which lets you choose to login to an Xfinity account, with the blue credentials above in this guide.  
Once you are logged in with the iPhone your Roku TV becomes automatically online. 

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